SAY! There's a woman in my tea!Ahh..There is nothing like a good cigar..and this is nothing like a good cigar..

Cancer sticks and hot chicks;

Sippin tea and lusting for gin is how I get my kicks...

"You're nobody 'til somebody loves you.."
-Dean Martin
"All you need in Life are Food, Shelter, Clothes and Sex."
-Lemmon Zinger

Rants: School Masturbation

Poem: Cat



High School isn't about being enlightened with paperback books andannoying
quadratic formulas. School is a sexual playground. From pre-school tohigh
school the sex machine is born. Where do you suppose a boy gets his first
kiss? And where do you think a girl asks a guy out? Who gets made fun of and
a locker vandalized by insecure people? The poor kid admits to being gay.
Don't these crazy kids every get recess? Oh yes they do. But when school is
out they meet up with their significant other and go at it. This is what we
call homework.



exploring their own body. Why? It is foolish talk, which makes children feel
bad for touching themselves. The penis is supposed to be a private area, which
in some ways it is. If you are responsible you keep your penis private and
don't sleep around too much. If you aren't private with your penis then you
can still be responsible by covering it with a condom. All that trouble for
sex. Purchasing condoms will set you back a few bucks and putting on a condom
plus lube time can ruin the entire sex session. The moment is spoiled with
preparation. Why prepare? To be safe! Remember all the STD's and aids/HIV
viruses are waiting for you. Something is wrong with this picture, sex is
supposed to be wonderful. The old fashioned beliefs of love happening before
sex can make things a bit easier. Who wants to drag around the germs o fa
whore, when you can love one girl for the rest of your life and know where
she's been? It takes time to find a compatible person, maybe you'll think you
love the person then screw. That is better than nailing some dirt bag ho. It
takes time know what you are sure of. Sometimes mistakes happen but making a
few mistakes with people you thought you loved is better than having sex with
half of America. Remember its okay to love and it is okay to masturbate! It is
not okay to use love as an excuse to have sex. Then most people would love
everyone they find attractive. Who needs love! It always hurts and it always
helps. Masturbation always helps and never hurts, unless you are a bit too
hard and intense and burst a vessel.



Dark creature crossing his path
He questions the possibility
Yes is probable
Happiness is temporary
Is it luck?
No she's just another cat
Tired of being a stray
Not wanting a kennel
But a strong home to hold her
She is the different breed in the family
Strong enough to be herself