These are images by Lady Jane^. Any stealing of these images will be greatly frowned upon. Questions comments submissions shall be sent to

Image Size Description
Back 229k c.1995 pencil sketch of a young man's back
Candle Gazer 193k c.1998 Ink drawing of young victorian lad looking at something beyond the candle's flame
Claw 142k c.1994 An ink drawing of an Owl's claw
Cracked 159.2k c.1998 A pencil sketch of a broken light bulb and other objects.
Daphne 170k c.1997 Colored pencil sketch interpretation of greek myth of Daphne tuning into a laurel tree
Emblem 231k c.1997 The representative symbol of me.
Emblem v.2 73k c.1994 This version has a stem.
Everett 187k c.1997 An ink drawing of a character whose story I lost when my old computer crashed
Eye 161k c.1996 A pencil sketch drawn in biology instead of notes
Image Size Description
Fog's Caress 178k c.1995 Ink and pencil sketch of a young girl tied up and groped by mists
The Kiss 58k c.1994 Ink on paper bag of self and 7/8 th grade boyfriend
Self Portrait 139k c.1994 eighth grade depressed self
Self Portrait 153k c.1996 ninth grade self image, abstract
Self Portrait 168k c.1998 inner wokings of my mind
Window In The Winter Frost 237k c.1994 In eight grade art got a b on this collage. The candle in it is fom an article on Anne Rice.
Witches 192.2k c.1996 Illustration from a story I lost in my old puter's crash.
Rose Garden 263.7k c.1998 computer generated art
Spidergirl 468.7k c. 1998 computer generated art.
Butterflies 195,219, 160k c.1998 3 computer generated pictures of butterlies.
Sunflower 468.7k c. 1998 computer generated woven flower