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Gothic Links

Link Description
Dark Side of the Net Home Page links galore, plus free gothic gifs
Something Wicked This Way Grows....  Gothic Gardening
alt.gothic.arts-and-crafts home page little projects that are fun and useful  speaks for itself
Carpe Noctem

a magazine

The Gothic Martha Stewart humorous concept but lots of good ideas for home decorating
The Goth Code Home Page find out your Goth Code!!
How to be Goth (In Less Than an Hour!)

Heheh...a tongue in cheek look at goth culture and its pretense.

The Sandman  If you don't know...

NIN Links

Alan's Nine Inch Nails Page   
Nine Inch Nails - Purest Feeling   

Silly Links

Monty Python's Flying Circus  
Zorak's Prison Pod   
Wav Central: Monty Python Wavs   


Hatch A Petaluma band whose music defies description. RealAudio files of their music, and bios of the members. Really choice site. (and my cousin is the drummer---LJ)
Prodigy Sounds   
Aphex Twins Home Page (may need to retry)  
DJ Ghost: Ghost Tribe  

Private Pages

Homebase For The_Lorax The_Lorax. He speaks for the trees and has a kick-ass page.
The Realm Of The Cheese! Not that impressive, but he's a nice guy!
Countroculas Scary Apartment #666 Neat guy, nice page.

Fonts & Images

Great Place For Graphics Stuff Yup
Fontastic! Best font site on the web